So yeah… I have a SL2-S now… Damnit. And that brings me to camera straps. Traditionally, I’ve always preferred very simple straps with no adjustment, no bells, no whistles… In fact, I usually just make my own out of a bit of leather. This gives me a custom and very sleek strap that fits perfectly.

The one problem with this is that to remove the strap, you have to go through the whole split ring fiasco with your fingernails. And if you like to move straps from camera to camera, this is a real pain in the ass.

Enter the Peak Design Slide. It’s not cool looking… at all… and it doesn’t feel right to put one on a classic rangefinder, but from a functionality standpoint, it’s really hard to beat.

Essentially, the slide is a quick release strap that can go from camera to camera in seconds with little effort. Plus, it’s actually exceptionally comfortable.