I was sent this sling bag about 6 months ago, but wanted to use it before doing a brief review. Essentially, the 6L Everyday Sling is a small cross shoulder or “ass pack” bag designed primarily for photographers. It’s built beautifully and comes in a few different colors. I got black.

The Pros:

  1. Like I said, it’s built incredibly well… Something I’m starting to expect from Peak Design after recently getting one of their straps.
  2. It carries more than it’s size would suggest. In mine, I carry a Leica Sl2-S with 35mm Summicron V4 attached, a Leica M7 body only, a 21mm SEM, a 90mm Summicron, and various accessories such as batteries, filters, etc…
  3. It’s minimal. There aren’t many pockets or flapping straps to distract you. In fact, it’s basically just a pouch with a very configurable strap.
  4. Due to this strap and they way it pivots off the bag, you can wear this bag as a sling, an over the shoulder bag, or even a fanny pack.
  5. And no matter which way you chose to carry this bag, your camera and lenses are remarkably accessible.

The Cons:

  1. After using this bag for a period of time, I can really only thing of one con. The Everyday Sling doesn’t look like a camera bag in the way that maybe a Domke would (which is a good thing), but I’m still not hip on the aesthetic. I think that maybe it’s a bit too modern in appearance for me?
  2. Oh wait… one more con. The front quick stash pocket? It’s too tight to be useful for anything accept maybe a lens cleaning cloth.

End of the day… If you are looking to carry small and light, the Peak Design Everyday Sling in 6-liters is hard to beat. It’s also offered in 3 and 10 liters.

Details here.