A few years ago, I bought the latest and greatest GoPro, three of them actually, for use on a car shoot I had coming up. I was excited about the project and spent a lot of time figuring out mounts for the cars, story boarding, and just generally preparing for something the GoPro was designed to do.

It didn’t work out… The magnetos in the race cars interfered with the cameras in some way, the build quality was shit, and two of them would freeze or just shut themselves off randomly. Frustrated, I contacted GoPro support. After jumping through far too many hoops, GoPro sent me another two cameras to replace the bad ones. They were dead on arrival.

This narrative continued for weeks and got so bad, that I eventually threw up my hands and considered the cameras a loss. I also promised myself to never buy a GoPro again.

Guess what? I’ve kept that promise.

But yeah… The GoPro Hero 10 is now out. By most reviews, it’s a real banger.

Details here.