I spent my summer restoring an old house on an island in the pacific. As such, I had a constant EDC… And this is it…

  1. Pioneer Matter BiFold. These things are really popular right now and I can see why… The design is fantastic in that this wallet can carry a ton of cards without getting bulky. Plus, it can carry a tad of cash as well. The ripstop material is very thin and feels incredible, but I wonder how durable it will be. So far, so good.
  2. Titatnium Folding Blade. I prefer utility blades over knives… and have fallen in love with these cheap Chinese folders.
  3. Sinn U1. The U1 is too big and bulky to be a daily watch in my opinion, but I was on an island and planned to do a lot of diving. As such, the U1 got the call… It’s my favorite dive watch in the world and it did fine out of the water as well.