Real question from a real reader this time:

What’s the one piece of tech you’ve bought in the last year that has changed your life the most?

Jerry from Houston

Typically, this would be hard for me to answer… but last summer I bought a used 2018 12.9” iPad Pro. It has changed the way I work on a lot of levels. As a guy that loves physical paper and tactile writing utensils, I didn’t think this would happen… and while the iPad Pro is much more than just a note taking device, I use the app “GoodNotes” every day and it has replaced both my “Shop Projects” notebook as well as my “Daily To Do List” notebook.

On top of that, the iPad Pro is my 3D modeling machine of choice. I’ve always had issues manipulating 3D environments on a desktop. My brain just can’t connect a mouse and key strokes with the object on the screen. However, using “Shapr3d” on my iPad changes that interaction. I now use my hands and fingertips to navigate objects and it just makes better sense to my brain.

And then finally… If I’m just consuming content, the iPad is a far better machine to do so than a laptop or a desktop. You can get more comfortable, it’s more natural, and it’s really hard to beat that gorgeous display.

If you haven’t tried the big iPad yet, I highly recommend seeking out a good used example and giving it a shot. And if you have, you are probably dreaming of owning the new M1 right alongside me.