I don’t carry full-sized pocket knives. I just don’t like the way that much weight feels in my pocket. In the past, I’ve tried “micro folders” from Boker and others, but they feel too diminutive in hand and not all that useable. So, I’ve always settled on folders that sort of fall between these two classes.

Recently, however, I was sent a WESN Microblade to test along with a matching sheath. It’s a super classy setup that I wouldn’t carry every day, but is perfect for those outings where you just might need a blade.

The Microblade is available with G10 or titanium scales, features a decent blade steel, and feels pretty damned good in your hand despite the size. And even with the really high end feeling sheath, the whole package just disappears in your pocket.

You can get the Microblade here and the sheath here.