I just checked our Amazon order history. My wife bought this thing 10 years ago – almost to the day. She wanted a stainless trash can for the kitchen and just bought the most highly reviewed unit on Amazon.

I remember being annoyed that it cost damn near $150 and required very specific trash bags only sold by simplehuman. A trashcan just doesn’t seem like something that needs that kind of complexity or cost.

I was wrong. In fact, as crazy as it sounds, I would list this trash can as one of the best things we’ve spent money on in the last decade or so. We love it so much, we bought another for recycling. But… Why?

First, its made really well. You know when you go to an antique store and buy something like an old radio and say to yourself, “Man… They don’t make them like they used too.” Well, these things are made like shit used to be made. There is no planned obsolescence here.

Secondly, it’s thoughtful. Initially, I thought the proprietary bag situation was a real bummer… But, here’s the thing – The trash can has a storage area for bags. When you empty your trash, you aren’t left hunting around for a new one… You just grab it from the storage area, line the can, and move on.

Also, the second to last bag in each pack is labeled. So, when you get to that bag, you know to reorder. And since we buy our bags off Amazon Prime anyway, there really isn’t any added complexity. The added cost just goes towards convenience and the comfort in knowing this damned stainless contraption is going to outlast you.

Anyway, this is the trashcan we bought ten years ago.