When it comes to backpacks and travel, I prefer bags with little to no organization – just a large compartment or two. I then use pouches designed for my needs for organization. This way, I can outfit a single bag for many different uses.

What all of this means basically, is that finding appropriate pouches for my specific needs is really important. And one of that hardest pouches to source is a solid storage point for a cell phone.

I prefer my cell phone to be on the backpack strap. That way I can easily put it away before going through security and can access it easily when need be. My pack of choice is the GoRuck GR2. My pouch of choice is the ILE Phone Holster.

The ILE is a sort of well kept secret in the GoRuck world. It features large velcro strips allowing it to attach to your typical Molle points. All you do is cut the strips to your particular Molle size and then attach the pouch. It fits perfectly onto my GR2.

But past that, it’s also just a really great pouch. It’s hand made out of Cordura or XPAC in California and features things like a pen loop and an extra zippered pocket that comes in incredibly handy.

It’s just a perfect pouch for its use case and comes from a company that isn’t all that well known. I’m alllll in…

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