Email from the reader:

“What’s the best EDC folder in your opinion? I’d like to think I have no budget for such a thing, but really… I don’t want to spend more than $200.”

I don’t carry a traditional knife anymore. Instead, I carry a replaceable (utility) blade folder as I don’t like stressing out about sharpening blades or worrying about ruining my fresh blade or…

That being said, my last traditional was the best I’ve ever owned and I still recommend it to anyone in the market. The Small Sebenza fits in your pocket perfectly, has a fantastic pocket clip, is made of great materials, and is… well just a perfect EDC blade. It’s also damn near $400. Details here.

The best sub $200 knife that competes with the Sebenza is probably the Benchmade Mini Bugout. It’s comparable in size and functionality of the Small Sebenza, it just isn’t made as well. You can get them anywhere really and usually for under $160 or so… Details here.