American Giant makes the best zippered hoodie in the world. That much has been established. They also used to make my favorite t-shirt in the world as well, but for some reason they stopped manufacturing their “Premium Heavyweight Tee” and replaced it with what they call the “Premium Slub Tee.”

Every year for years, I have ordered four of their tees to replace those that have been beat up while working in the shop. Not knowing where to go or what to do this year, I decided to just try the new “Slub” tee.

Thoughts? It’s still very, very good… but it’s not as good as the old t-shirt it replaced. It’s not as thick, it’s not as detailed from a craftsmanship or materials standpoint, and well… while it’s still the best tee that I know of, it’s no longer so great that I will refuse to try other options.