For well over a decade, I’ve used an M-65 Field Jacket as my cold weather outer layer. If it’s super cold (rare in Texas and Hawaii), I will add an issued “cold weather liner” and call it good.

I think I paid $100 for my M-65 (with liner) at a surplus store some 12 years ago. It’s still in perfectly useable condition and I can’t argue with the value.

It does, however, come with some draw backs. For one, the M-65 does not come with a modern fit. It’s boxy… because, well… it had to fit every body type in the military. But also, it uses outdated materials. So, it’s heavy and not very wet weather resistant.

Proof just introduced their modern version of the M-65 that they are calling the Highlander. It features a more modern fit and materials that are both water resistant and have a little stretch. I think it’s rad.

Check it out.