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  1. Hmm. Ugly as shit? Check. Not available in widely used .3mm lead, but instead available in almost-never-available .9mm? Check. No proper grip, not even something as simple as knurling on the body? Check. No fixed clip (optional and ugly as shit), meaning this expensive pencil will roll all over the place and fall off just about any surface that isn’t perfectly level? Check. Prone to damage the tip due to all the weight of the pencil when it falls? Check. No guide pipe or double clutch lead mechanism? Check. No shock absorbing mechanism or other anti-lead breaking, especially given a heavy pencil? Check. Price tag 10x the cost of a pencil that offers all the above and looks much nicer? Check.

    Sorry, but if this is supposed to be the best in the world, someone needs to take their head out of their ass. Anyone who actually uses mechanical pencils to (gaps) write with, would spot this thing straight away for the outright embarrassment that it is. Anyone who pays this rape price of $90 a pop needs to have their head examined too. That is absolute insanity.

  2. Man alive, even the Pentel Orenz Nero doesn’t go for this much on fleaBay. You know you’ve jumped the mechanical pencil shark when you’re priced higher than that.

  3. Oh and I forgot, what the hell is with having it “perfectly balanced” in the middle of the pencil body? Nobody holds it 3″ up up from the tip. If it was perfectly balanced for use as a pencil, rather than as a modern art piece, it would be balanced closer to the point where you grip it, not in the center. Balancing at the center makes it less comfortable to use than it already would be, and given the weight, the poor balancing is going to be super noticeable.

    For a guy who claims to be hot shit at design, the guy running this campaign clearly knows fuck all about using a mechanical pencil.

      1. I dunno, none of my shit is half as expensive as this thing, not even close to half. I like things that work properly, pencils included. I can appreciate rugged design and all that, hell if I was lost in a jungle and wanted to pen my memoir before someone found my rotting corpse 100 years later, clutching my journal, sure, give me this pencil. But for everyday people doing everyday writing in every day circumstances? Fuck no!

  4. Okay interesting pencil…

    Now tell me more about that nylon strap on that Sinn! I’m looking for a nylon “NATO” strap with a buckle system.