I’ve got a real thing for independently made watches… I love the idea of a single guy with an idea and the persistence to make it happen. To me, these watches are more desirable than most big brand new watches simply because they have a little more soul to them.

But, what are my favorites right now? I’ve got two.

First up is Orion. “Watches By Nick” used to be the go to place for Seiko modifications. But Nick outgrew modifying watches and decided to build his own. The result is a gorgeous field watch with the best crown in the business today.

For about $500 you get a hand built watch using a Seiko movement and a really unique case. It’s a deal that’s hard to beat.

Details here.

Next up is Tangramatic – a small watch company out of Australia. The sell a small line of watches, but my favorite is the Nereid. Essentially, it’s a play on Bauhaus design and it’s gorgeous.

These feature a Miyota movement which are known for their durability and ease of service. You can get one for about $350 here.