I do most of my music listening at home through a vintage McIntosh setup. Essentially, I have a MC2205 power amp, a C33 Pre-Amp, an MR78 tuner, and an AR turntable. I also have a small DAC and an airport express for streaming music to the system. Lately, however, my wife has been wanting to stream music to different locations in the house. At first, I started looking at small bookshelf systems for the kitchen, bathroom, etc… but then I found Sonos.

I know… Sonos has been around forever and leads the wireless speaker market… But, I had zero experience with their offerings. I tested the idea first with their smallest speaker – the Sonos Play 1. I was shocked with how great it sounded and quickly ordered another. And now, I’m looking at the Sonos Connect. Essentially, the connect would allow me to stream albums from my turntable to every location in the house where I have placed a Sonos speaker.

Technology is mind numbingly cool sometimes. Updates and maybe some pictures once I get it all figured.

Source: Amazon.com: Sonos CONNECT Wireless Receiver Component for Streaming Music: Home Audio & Theater