I have a real problem with collecting cameras. My next one is ALWAYS the answer… and always my last. Right now, my focus is on a legend – the Hasselblad 500. For those not in the know, it’s a medium format camera that is completely modular allowing not only interchangeable lenses, but viewfinders, film backs, cranks, and other accessories as well. In fact, if you bought a Hasselblad C camera body in 1957 you could still be shooting with that camera today using a $12k digital back and all the best lenses from Carl Zeiss. The system is simply a marvel of design and engineering.

And I want one. It’s the answer to all my dreams. It’s all I need. Honest.

This one on eBay is tempting simply because that case is just too charming. But, I don’t buy cameras on eBay.