About five years ago, we needed a new trash can for the kitchen. My wife wanted a specific stainless steel trash can made by a company called SimpleHuman. It was $175. I took a deep breathe and did my girl a solid. And you know what? I love that god damned trash can.

Anyway, a few weeks ago we decided to buy another to use exclusively for recycling. This time, we got a new model… and like the last it absolutely rules.

Two things bug me about traditional trash cans:

  1. I hate taking out the trash mostly because I always forget to put another bag in the can. As a result, my inconsiderate ass kids end up throwing their half eaten yogurt in a trash can sans bag. It’s a mess.
  2. And when I do remember the bag? Half the time it slips off the rim and falls into the can. And the only person in my family that cares is me… So, I spend half my time in the kitchen obsessively checking the status of the bag in the can.

SimpleHuman knows the struggle is real. They pay attention to the details and fix issues like mine. For instance, all of their cans have a bag dispenser inside the can. And, all of their cans have a rip to capture the bag so that it never slips.

There’s more, but SimpleHuman isn’t paying me to say this shit. Next time you need a trash can, just trust me…