The Photokina show is the place where just about everybody releases their latest and greatest cameras. We already talked about the Fuji X-E1 last week, but there were a couple of other notable announcements as well. Namely:

Leica M – Apparently, there will be no long awaited Leica M10. Instead, we get the “M.” For the first time ever, Leica is using a CMOS sensor in their rangefinder camera that allows live view, HD video, better high ISO performance, and other stuff… Amazingly, they aren’t charging $10,000 for it. In fact, they are only asking about $7000 for the new M. I’d probably own one if I had the dough…

Leica M-E – Essentially, this is just the old Leica M9 with some minor changes and an extreme price break. $5,500 gets you in the game. If I had the dough, I would DEFINITELY own this one.

Sony RX1 – To me, this is the biggest and best surprise of Photokina. Sony has built a jacket-pocket sized FULL FRAME camera with a dedicated Zeiss lens. Typically, I’m not a Sony man as their cameras feel more like computers than cameras to me… BUT, this one is pretty amazing and promises to change many a landscape. Around $3000.