So I got my new iPhone 4s and instantly began looking for a minimal, yet effective case. In the past, I’ve always used Incase slip cases and while they are great at protecting your phone, you are left with a generic form factor that hides the gorgeous lines designed by Apple. This time around, I wanted something different.

I began by searching out aluminum cases and stumbled upon the Gasket Case by id America. My first thought was that these things were either gonna be a really cheesy imitations or supremely cool. Naturally, I sent them an email and asked if I could review them. Within a few days, I had three Gasket cases in various colors shipped to my door.

The packaging was beautiful and in each is a Gasket case as well as a pair of the best crystal protectors I’ve ever used – one for the front and one for the rear. The case itself is pretty damned beautiful as well. Instead of the sort of cliche slice of aluminum I half way expected, these things are actually very well made and thought out. They really do feel like high quality head gaskets for a Ford Flathead – a little thicker maybe, but they do capture the essence.

The inside is coated with a sort of imitation suede and installing the case is as simple as snapping it over your phone. Once on, you are presented with a very light and very appropriate form factor. It’s simplistic and that’s what I really like about it.

I’ve used the case for about two weeks now and have even dropped the package once. I had the phone sitting on my desk and it dropped about 3 feet to a hard concrete floor. No damage to either the case or the phone and that’s impressive.

However, I contemplated taking the case off my phone for one reason – the head gasket design actually does present some problems. I’m assuming the design was cut with a water jet and that process left a very sharp edge that almost feels dangerous to the touch. I haven’t cut myself with it, but those edges are great at picking up pocket fuz which is a bit annoying.

But like I mentioned, id America sent me three cases. I picked my favorite color (titanium gray) and gave the other two to buddies of mine. I checked in with them this week and mentioned I was about to give up on the case. They both looked at me like I was crazy.

After discussing the edge issue, each buddy denied experiencing the same. I checked their cases and guess what? Neither of them featured the same sharp edges that my case did. In fact, they each loved their cases so much that neither of them was willing to give theirs up for further review. They are in love and they aren’t budging… Damnit.

In any case, if you’d like to get your own head on over to id America and belly up at the bar.