How about a found bag load out? I don’t know this guy and have no idea what he does for a living, but I like his style – especially the bag and the X100. Details:

This has been my daily carry for a week. I think I’ve reached my ideal stuf quotient, though the Kindle occasionall goes away.

I like having a compact, high quality digital and fully automatic manual camera. The Zorki is especially funny because the solenoid cell still sorta works. Makes for interesting results.

-Saddleback leather satchel (medium)
-Fujifilm x100
-Zorki 10
-iPad 2 (red smartcover)
-iPad camera plugin
-iPhone 3GS
-Fountain pen
-Griffin stylus
-Ballpoint pen
-SBL large wallet
-Kindle 2
-Russian cigarette case containing business cards
-Microfiber cloth
-Car keys