How about a random pocket dump from yours truly? Ok, ok… Stop begging. It’s not becoming.

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1. My keychain. It’s gotten smaller and lighter since the last time you saw it. Gone is the titanium pen and the leatherman “Key Mod” and welcomed is the titanium chain with McGizmos on each end. It works like a typical carabiner would, but is much more flexible and VERY light. The Arc-AAA remains and I still love it.

2. The Strider PT CC. Still a favorite and carried every week day, but I pocket a Swiss Army “Super Tinker” on the weekends.

3. Every gentleman should carry a handkerchief.

4. Tanner Goods card case. This one is getting tested at the moment – stay tuned for a review on this and other front-pocket wallets.

5. Custom made O&W… Vintage WW2 inspired.

6. The iPhone. Old school.