Michael Morris was nice enough to us over one of his friction folders and I’ve been carrying it around for a couple of days now. I thought a review was in order and here I am… Spouting off about something I love – Knives.

Michael is a custom knife maker out of Michigan that focuses on hard working and affordable blades based on USA made files. Files? Yep, files… See, files are an excellent source for high carbon steel. And it’s this steel that makes Michael’s knives so damned durable. Essentially, he takes an order or comes up with an idea, grabs a file, and whittles it down until it looks like a knife. It really is that simple.

Or is it? The charm behind the knife that Michael sent me is its attention to detail. You really couldn’t get much more simple than a friction folder made out of a file and a couple of bits of micarta, but it’s the craftsmanship that makes this thing sing. The blade shape is artfully proportionate, the remaining texture of the file is preserved beautifully, and the fit and finish is as good as many $1000 knives on the market. It’s that good. Really, it is…

Even so, my favorite part of the knife is the little tad of ingenuity that Michael plugged into the tang. It’s a bottle opener… TRICK!

I’m done. I’ve already decided I’m gonna buy another from Mr. Morris. And these little folders start at only $90, so I can’t go wrong.

Neither can you… check out Michael’s site and get more info here. Until then, dig on the photos: