A few months ago, I posted a review of my favorite wallet – The Slimmy. For those in the cold, the Slimmy is a front-pocket wallet that will change your life by eliminating the clutter of your every day carry package. Essentially, the slimmy is a miniature file folder that is optimized to carry a few business cards, a few credit cards, and your ID. That’s it. And it all seems simple enough – right? How could such a rudimentary idea change your life?

Well, now is your chance to find out. The Gear Journal is teaming up with Koyono Co. in an effort to spread the word and the Slimmy. The beneficiary? You.

All ya gotta do is post a picture of your grotesquely fat wallet as reply to this post. On December 20th, The official Slimmy judge will pick the 10 most impressively huge wallets and give the owners their very own Slimmy along with an incredibly clever little pen – the Slimmy Pen. But wait, there’s more… Not only will the top ten but bricks win the Slimmy goods, but the top award winner will get a brand spanking new 32GB iPod touch while the next two runner-ups will win 8GB iPod Nanos!

You and your fat ass wallet can’t lose, so what are you waiting for!? Post away gentlemen!

That clever little video not enough for you? Be sure to check out the brand new You’ll be glad ya did!

And a special thanks to our pals at Koyono Co. for supporting the Journal. Being new, small, and incredibly unworthy of their attention, it’s awful nice of them to throw us a bone.

Contest rules can be read here.