Month: August 2009

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Power Precision Screwdriver

Lots of guys carry min-screwdrivers in their EDC packs. They are great for sunglass repair, picking interior door locks, and all sort of other tasks. Of course, an assortment of mini drivers can take a lot of room in your pack. General solves this problem and gives ya a power bonus as well with the Power Precision Screwdriver. This little fart of a power driver runs two AAA batteries and comes with 6 bits of various sizes and types. I haven’t messed with one yet, but it sure looks promising.

Check it out.

Knives & Tools

Strider PT


Knife collecting is expensive. To have a collection, it seems like you have to get a nice broad selection of blades and types to perform all kinds of different tasks. In doing so, it’s very easy to get way more money in your collection than is practical. I mean, how many of you are going to actually use a knife that you spent $500 on? Not me.

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Bags & Wallets

Incase DSLR Bags


Carrying a DSLR is a pain in the ass. I carry mine in a CountyComm mine bag as part of my day pack system. It works well for me, but I realize not many people has to carry as much stuff as I do when I travel. Incase just might have an answer for you… Available in the essentials only-sized carrying case or a bigger sling pack, both bags feature zippered interior and exterior pockets, adjustable camera and lens compartments, side stash pockets, adjustable shoulder straps, reinforced nylon handles, and weather resistant nylon construction to keep your gear safe and sound. Check em out.

Other Gear

Messograf Pocket Caliper/Pen

Here’s a little something I posted on The Garage Journal today, but thought was appropriate for you guys as well: This is pretty brilliant actually. Some German got the bright idea to add a pocket caliper to a really nice pen. The result is something you can carry with you every day. Need some measurements? Easy, break out the calipers on this pen, measure away, and then use the pen to record your findings. I love stuff like this. It runs $27, but who’s counting?

Check it out.


The 686 Belt


Skate or die homie… 686 is a manufacturer of skate and snowboarding apparel. They also make the above belt which has become famous with folks interested in EDC goods. What looks like your typical “hep cat” belt is actually a multi-tool.

Got your pants on? Then you’re ready… A #2 phillips, a #2 flat, as well as a 1/2″, 9/16″, and 3/8″ wrench is ready to go just as soon as you detach the buckle from your belt. Plumber’s ass is almost certain to follow.

Get yours here.