When I presented the brand spanking new to a doctor pal of mine, he mentioned that he knew someone with a product worth reviewing. “A friend of mine is producing this super trick water bottle that not only houses all kinds of technological accomplishments, but is incredibly health conscious as well,” he said. A water bottle with tech and health features? I wasn’t sure what he meant, but contacted the company and had one sent out to me for review anyway.

The Thinksport bottles are designed with a double-walled, vacuum sealed construction. This creates a very high insulation value and a bottle that does not sweat. To top it off, the creators are health freaks – Thinksport bottles are free of things like BPA (whatever that is), lead, phthalates, cadmium, PVC, and Bisphenol-A. I think that’s smart talk meaning that when you drink from this crazy thing, your fluids won’t taste like metal and you won’t get cancer.

Good enough… Here’s the review:

Get yours here. ($15.99 to $19.99)