Rolex Submariner Lost At Sea… Or was It?

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Rolex Submariner Lost At Sea… Or was It?

According to a bizarre story, first reported in The Telegraph, a British sailor has been contacted by Christie’s regarding a watch he thought he had lost at sea, 18 years ago. The watch has suddenly resurfaced, in Geneva, Switzerland, and its current owner has contacted Philip McColl, 68, to quietly negotiate the price.

Source: Rolex Submariner Lost At Sea Resurfaces At Christie’s, But Questions About Its Provenance Lead To Legal Investigation


Microsoft Surface Studio

I’ve been an Apple guy for over twenty years now. It used to be that Apple created machines for makers while companies that supported Microsoft Windows created appliances that just happened to be computers.

I think that’s starting to change. Apple has definitely gone the way of appliances… And with the Surface Book and now Surface Studio, it would appear that Microsoft (of all companies) is now building machines for people that actually create content.

This is gonna be interesting fellas…

Source: Microsoft Surface Studio | Powerful workstation designed for the creative process