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Best EDC Folder

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Email from the reader:

“What’s the best EDC folder in your opinion? I’d like to think I have no budget for such a thing, but really… I don’t want to spend more than $200.”

I don’t carry a traditional knife anymore. Instead, I carry a replaceable (utility) blade folder as I don’t like stressing out about sharpening blades or worrying about ruining my fresh blade or…

That being said, my last traditional was the best I’ve ever owned and I still recommend it to anyone in the market. The Small Sebenza fits in your pocket perfectly, has a fantastic pocket clip, is made of great materials, and is… well just a perfect EDC blade. It’s also damn near $400. Details here.

The best sub $200 knife that competes with the Sebenza is probably the Benchmade Mini Bugout. It’s comparable in size and functionality of the Small Sebenza, it just isn’t made as well. You can get them anywhere really and usually for under $160 or so… Details here.

Darn Tough

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Testing my “Best of” script again… This time, I decided to try men’s socks. It’s a tough segment because socks are made for so many different segments and for so many different uses. I decided to ignore all of that and just go after the best reviewed sock for men on the internet – ignore retail site reviews.

The result? Apparently, people that buy Darn Tough Hike/Trek socks are super happy with them. I’m gonna have to buy a pair and see what all the fuss is about.


Speedmaster Straps

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Omega recently released some new straps for the Speedmaster that pay honor to the watch’s NASA heritage… and they are dope as hell.

Details here.


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Ok… I’ve had this thing for a couple of months now, have used it every day, and can now say this:

The Exceed Designs Tirant Razor is better than the Maker Knife. It doesn’t have the coolness factor or the fantastic design aesthetic, but it’s made better, handles better, and has a more secure opening and closing mechanism.

For me, it’s the best EDC utility blade holder on the market.

Details here.

NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

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Did you sleep on the Lego Saturn V rocket kit a couple of years ago and now regret it to no end as you browse eBay and stare at the $1000 bids? Yeah me too…

That’s why I WILL NOT be sleeping on this one.


Details here.

Virgil Abloh X Braun

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Two things I love:

  1. Vintage Braun Industrial Design
  2. Virgil Abloh’s Graphic Aesthetic

Combine the two and you got something crazy special…

Details here.

WESN Microblade

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I don’t carry full-sized pocket knives. I just don’t like the way that much weight feels in my pocket. In the past, I’ve tried “micro folders” from Boker and others, but they feel too diminutive in hand and not all that useable. So, I’ve always settled on folders that sort of fall between these two classes.

Recently, however, I was sent a WESN Microblade to test along with a matching sheath. It’s a super classy setup that I wouldn’t carry every day, but is perfect for those outings where you just might need a blade.

The Microblade is available with G10 or titanium scales, features a decent blade steel, and feels pretty damned good in your hand despite the size. And even with the really high end feeling sheath, the whole package just disappears in your pocket.

You can get the Microblade here and the sheath here.

One Watch

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An email from my one reader:

Hey Ryan. I want one watch for the rest of my life and I want it to work for every occasion – from a business meeting to a hunting expedition to the race track. I have $1500 to spend and that’s a mortgage payment to me… If I do this, I want something that will make me feel good about it.

– Your One Reader

Easy. I don’t even have to think about it. Get a Sinn 556 A RS on the bracelet. It’s a simple 38mm stainless watch with one of the best movements ever made. Plus, it’s stunning… absolutely stunning in its simplicity.

You will never regret buying a Sinn.