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Leica Revolver

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Not at all related to EDC I guess, but damn man… This thing is rad. It’s a Leica Revolver. The Revolver is essentially a quick change lens set up for a M-mount Leica that allows you to quickly revolve between three different lenses. They are pretty much impossible to find, but if you do luck into one expect to pay around $5k. CRAZY.

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Be A Huge Dork

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Wanna be a huge dork? Get yourself a Zulu strap and mount your new iPod Nano on your wrist.

I dunno fellas… I know that would be great functionality in a small package, but really? Really?

I’ll stick with my obsolete swiss auto.

The Keyport

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After years of waiting, the Keyport is finally shipping… For those not in the know, the Keyport essentially puts 6 keys in a box – saving you from carrying a keychain. Pricing is variable depending on the type of key blanks you require, but they start at around $80.

Check it out here.

Rad iPad Case

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I love my iPad. It rules… I use mine at the house and rarely take it on the road. That said, I know a lot of fellas are using them as laptop replacements and, as such, need a way of getting it from one place to another. Enter the coolest damned iPad cases ever.

Moleskine Sticky Notes

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How long have we waited for a classy sticky note? Too damned long I say… Moleskine has finally stepped up with their “professional sticky notes.” They are overpriced ($9 for 3 packs of 20) and over engineered, but I seem to be drawn to that shit. I’ll be ordering soon I’m sure…

Details here.

The Neistat Brothers: Jack-Knife Hack

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If you don’t watch the Neistat Brothers on HBO, you should. I can’t put my finger on it, but their homemade productions are just down right addictive. Take the above for example… They make a “Keyman” only without the Leatherman and with a Swiss Army Knife. Admittedly, their craftsmanship isn’t tops but it is the first time I’ve seen someone do this with a proper folder.

Pretty cool.

Camera Phone Lenses

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Looking to get a little more out of your iPhone camera? If you are desperate, give Photojojo a shot. They make these magnetic lenses for camera phones. They are available in a Fisheye, Macro, and a Wide angle. Twenty bones each.

Check it out.

Mohawk General Recycled Bags

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I’m a sucker for old military bags. I use an attache from WWII as a briefcase, an officer’s dispatch case for my camera bag, and tons of other vintage canvas bags and artifacts for other uses. Vintage military stuff is just made so damned well… and feels so damned good… It’s all very hard for me to resist.

In any case, I stumbled across a little online joint called Mohawk General Store. They are located on the west coast and feature some pretty cool military bags that they’ve cut up and repurposed. I expected to see crazy boutique pricing, but they are actually pretty reasonable. If you are looking for a unique everyday bag, check them out.