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Leica M Edition 60

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Leica finally made my dream digital camera. With it, you have manual controls for shutter speed, aperture, and ISO – nothing else. There isn’t even a LCD screen. It’s perfect. Only problem? It’s also something like $13,000. Damnit!

Details here.



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I detest OEM tire pressure monitoring systems. The batteries in the sensors go out often and each time means a trip to the tire store to get your tires unmounted the sensors replaced. Total pain in the ass… This idea, however, ain’t a bad idea.

More info here.

The MB&F MusicMachine

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I know, I know… This thing is ridiculous… It serves no purpose and has no practicality what-so-ever. However, from a pure mechanical standpoint this is absolutely AMAZING. And hey, if you’ve got an extra $25k sitting around you could let it collect dust on your bookshelf.


Kilimanjaro Ascend

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Need a multi-tool that can pass through the gates of the mighty TSA? No sweat… Get your ass one of these!


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I wouldn’t cut a brick shit house in half or get in a street fight with one (they are made by the French), but dammit man – these new Deejo knives are pretty gorgeous… Super light too… And you can even “build your own” on their fancy web site starting at $40.

Check it out.

Heuer Camaro

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Feast your eyes on the above… That’s a Heuer Camaro – a manual wind Chronograph made between 1967 and 1972 or so. Heuer Camaros are special in their own right, but what makes this watch so damned cool is the “Champion” logo featured on the dial. No one really knows why Heuer produced the watch with the Champion logo, but they have become very collectable. In fact, the watch pictured went for around $3700 on eBay…

My guess? Top execs at Champion were given one hell of a Christmas bonus.

Either way, I want one.

The JumPack

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I’ve featured “battery extenders” for mobile devices before, but this is probably the most brilliant I’ve stumbled upon. Essentially, the JumPack can be used to charged your mobile devices or to jump start your car if the situation calls. Awesome. Check it out.