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A brilliant idea to solve a simple problem. The only problem? What to do with that fancy modern car key that obviously won’t fit in the leather sandwich. Check it out here.

Doxie Flip Mobile Scanner

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I love the idea of this thing… If it works worth a shit, it’s worth it’s weight in gold for a guy like me. Quality scans on the go has always been kind of the digital holy grail for me.

Check it out.

The Internet Sucks…

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No, really… It does… I spend half my life loving technology and the other half loathing it. That’s why, I find the above beautiful in a way.

Get yours here.

Nikon Df

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I’m not an SLR guy, so Nikon’s latest probably isn’t gonna be my thing… But for lots of people, huge news is coming on Tuesday. That’s when Nikon will be announcing what is rumored to be a new type of DSLR – something simple, retro, and back to the basics…

Details here.

Seamaster Bullhead

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A buddy of mine at Omega just casually dropped a bomb on me. Apparently, they are getting to re-release the iconic Omega Seamaster Bullhead. It’ll be true to the original save for the modern auto movement… And count on it being VERY expensive, but man-oh-man….

Sony a7 and a7R

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Obviously, it’s new camera season… And Sony just dropped a bomb. How about a full frame mirrorless camera the size of a micro-4/3 kit that doesn’t cost $7000? Introducing the Sony a7 and a7R. I think The Camera Store did a good job on the review. Check it out: