Knives & Tools


This is sort of brilliant. It’s a knife that folds into a credit card sized packaged. A decent solution for the fella that wants to carry a knife but doesn’t want to deal with the bulk in their pockets. I’m sure it’s not as rugged as many traditional choices, but it’s a smart design and affordable enough. $23.


The Anti Glass Back

Another day, another solution to protect your iPhone 4. Unplggd went on and found a metal back for the iPhone 4 manufactured by an OEM cell phone parts supplier in Hong Kong. The result is an iPhone that is still sleek and “Apple like,” but devoid of a fragile glass back. You can follow their mod here.


Hot Rod iPhone Covers

So, it’s no secret that I’m into hot rods… It’s a world surrounded by an amazing amount of talent and one of the players, Karas Kustoms, has recently decided to do a series of iPhone covers. My favorite is made out of two machined aluminum plates that are spaced with delrin and sandwich the phone using simple button head hardware. It’s a brilliantly simple design that not only protects your phone, but also helps with the famous “dropped call” problem that have made the iPhone 4 famous.

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