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Shit Or Shinola

Shinola is one of those freshly bred companies coming out of Detroit with an eye on rejuvenation. Together with Ronda (swiss movement manufacturer) they have trained a number of new watch makers and have moved into a 30,000 square foot shop in D-Town with the plan to being the art form back to the states.

I love this idea… and I love this watch. $550 is a hell of a deal too.



Bell & Ross Vintage WW2 Régulateur Heritage

Sometimes I feel like Bell & Ross tries too hard with the whole Military theme thing. They take and implement things so literally that they often find themselves in Orange County Chopper territory. That being said, I’m in love with their latest – The WW2 Régulateur. It’s has a nice vintage aircraft feel to it without being over the top. And it’s “only” six large.

Check it out.