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The iPhone Head Gasket

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So I got my new iPhone 4s and instantly began looking for a minimal, yet effective case. In the past, I’ve always used Incase slip cases and while they are great at protecting your phone, you are left with a generic form factor that hides the gorgeous lines designed by Apple. This time around, I wanted something different.

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If you travel a lot, you totally get this. Essentially, the PlugBug is an extension to your stock Apple laptop charger that allows you to charge both your laptop and your iOS device. I want it.

Check it out.

Leica Telephoto Assembly RIFLE

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How’s this for a rare Leica accessory? That’s a IIIa you see there all buttoned up against the stock. It’s all part of a kit that was made in very limited numbers in the 1930’s. Details here.

Polaroid SX-70

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Check this shit out… Photojojo got their hands on a bunch of Polaroid SX-70 cameras, restored them, repackaged them beautifully, and are now offering them up for sale for $290.

Get yours here.

Alpinist Case

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So you need the durability and tank like build of one of those “high impact” cameras, but you need the image quality of something like an LX5 or Leica D-Lux? No sweat. Grab yourself one of these crazy ass Alpinist cases and you are ready for just about any extreme activity.

Check them out here.

Red Pop

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Another Kickstarter project that I am in love with is the Red Pop. Essentially, it adds a button to your iPhone and makes the act of taking a photo much more natural. I’ve seen some great photographers take some pretty incredible shots with the iPhone 4. An accessory like this makes it that much easier.

Details here.

The HipstaCase

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Basically, the HipstaCase takes your beautifully designed Apple iPhone 4 and make it looks like a shitty plastic camera from the 1970’s or 80’s. Seriously.

So why would anyone have any interest at all in the HipstaCase? It also features a very clever and usable tripod mount.

Get ready for long exposures here.


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The idea of putting the sensor in the lens of a camera rather than the body isn’t a new one… However, this concept is the best that I’ve seen. Essentially, these smart folks built a full frame sensor inside of a camera lens that communicates wirelessly with the camera body. In this case, the body happens to be a modified iPhone. Brilliant… The future looks bright. Doubt me? Watch the videos:

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