The Handgrey H4 Carabiner

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I did a quick video review of the Handgrey H4 Carabiner… If you don’t have time to watch, just know that I found it to be the best damned carabiner I’ve ever used.

You can get the H4 here.

The Talon

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Another day, another Kickstarter campaign and another multi-tool. I dig the hell out of this one though…


ThruNite Ti HI Flashlight

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I need a new AAA torch… I guess this is the one, but man I’d rather have a clicky.

More details.

Oakley Carabiner

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I’m not much of an Oakley guy. The brand died with Brian Bosworth for me… But they reasonably released the above carabiner yesterday. Even so, for the money I’d rather go with something in titanium like these.

Source: Oakley Oakley Metalworks Large Carabiner in ANTIQUE SILVER | Oakley

Pocket Tool Keychain Wrench

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The holy grail of key chain tools is a simple wrench of variable sizes. No one has really done it yet… But these guys have taken an interesting approach – the only fault being leverage. Pretty cool.

Check it out.