The 1000 Mile Boot

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The best boot I’ve ever owned is a Red Wing 1178. I bought a pair when I was 17 years old. I am now 34 years old and while they’ve been resoled four or five times, I still wear the Red Wings almost every day. However, in the past few months the leather has finally started to give way – my socks are peaking.

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Covert Pants: Part II – Nau’s Twill Cargos

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A few weeks ago, I posted about Nau’s new twill cargo pants calling them “covert cargos” as they featured the look of sleek chinos, but the functionality of EDC cargos. Folks in the forum showed some interest, so I contacted the company about getting a pair to review. They arrived at The Gear Journal world headquarters just a day before I set out on two major expeditions – a vintage car rally in Tennessee and an adventure in Hawaii.

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Covert Cargos

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The latest rage in the tactical world is the use of “covert” equipment. You know, silly shit… like concealed holsters that don’t print, tactical knives that fit deep in the pocket, gear bags that look like book bags, etc… Frankly, I find most of this stuff to be a bit over the top. Then again I’m not in “the service,” so who I am to judge?

In any case, I found a “covert” use product that I actually dig. They are cargo pants that don’t look like cargo pants. You get all kinds of pockets to stuff your gear in, but you don’t have to look like a mall soldier. Pretty cool.

Check it out.

The 686 Belt

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Skate or die homie… 686 is a manufacturer of skate and snowboarding apparel. They also make the above belt which has become famous with folks interested in EDC goods. What looks like your typical “hep cat” belt is actually a multi-tool.

Got your pants on? Then you’re ready… A #2 phillips, a #2 flat, as well as a 1/2″, 9/16″, and 3/8″ wrench is ready to go just as soon as you detach the buckle from your belt. Plumber’s ass is almost certain to follow.

Get yours here.

The Smokejumper Belt

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Looking for a seriously heavy duty work belt? I wasn’t, but I stumbled upon a belt that¬†Chute43 was offering and just dug the way it looked. I dropped him a line, sent him some cash via paypal, and received my “Smokejumper” belt just a few days later.

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