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Dango Dapper

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Holy shit man… This is quite a wallet. I don’t know that I’d call it “dapper,” but it’s certainly capable.


Rider Wallet | Tanner Goods

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Just a really damned good wallet. Expensive, sure… But cheaper than most really damned good wallets.

Source: Rider Wallet | Tanner Goods

Topo Designs Mountain Pack

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I typically use either modern tactical packs or vintage military bags for my camera bags. I guess that makes me a poser. I can live with that.

In any case, a buddy of mine just stopped by and I couldn’t help but admire his pack. It was an artfully crafted Topo Design job… and I really dug it. USA made too…

Source: Topo Designs Mountain Pack 23L Daypack –


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This is a pretty neat idea for a modular bag set up – one bag, multiple uses.

Check it out.

M-eroplis Bag

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An incredibly smart M-camera bag from an Italian guy. Also, like all Leica crap – incredibly expensive.


The RoguePak

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So a buddy of mine is an “inventor.” Essentially, dude just sits around and thinks of shit that we all need – kind of like the dad on that movie, “Gremlins.” Only, he’s actually had some success. First, he did theĀ AquaPodKit and now, he’s releasing the RoguePak. The RoguePak is a wearable hydration system similar to the CamelBak, but it differentiates itself by using disposable cartridges. What does that mean? No horse shit cleaning sessions with your water bladder.

Details here.