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Spec-Ops T.H.E. Pack

spec-ops t.h.e. pack

I’m a bag whore. I have bags for just about every occasion. Going on a two day trip through the air? Got it covered. Going on a four day trip on the ground? No sweat. Back and forth from work? I got a bag for that too…

Of course, the only problem with this is that I end up jockeying a lot of gear between the bags depending on what I have planned. Inevitably, I forget to move something or other to the “bag of the day” and find myself living without. For a gear guy, that sucks.

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High-Speed, Low-Drag


Triple Threat Tactical is ran by a guy named Jim Rosario… and that’s about all I know about the bag featured below. Jim posts occasionally on some of the more covert forums covering tactical gear and is known to be a pretty talented guy, but his site is under construction and the rest of the business is pretty much shrouded in mystery. Word on the street is that the “High-Speed, Low-Drag” bag will sell for around $499. Expensive? Yes. Cool? Yes.

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A buddy of mine recently scored this bag and while it’s a bit pricy ($285) and certainly a little more “hip” than I like my bags to be, there is no denying the fact that it is versatile and extremely well made. If you need a bag that is a bit less tactical and a little more professional looking, but still has a lot of storage options this one might be a good choice.

Check it out.

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The Slimmy Wallet


I’ve long been a proponent of front-pocket wallets. Not only do they aid against pick pockets, but they also save your back – especially if you are one of those guys that sits on his ass all day. A “lop-sided” ass really can do a lot of damage to the upper and lower back. Pay attention, I’ve got a solution.

Koyono’s Slimmy wallets are among the absolute thinnest money/card stashers on the planet. They are essentially a miniature file folder that’s open on two sides and optimized to carry essentials such as cash, credit cards, driver’s license, and receipts. Slimmies come in three flavors:

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Woah… What’s this? Atomic Industry is stepping out of the garage for a bit and bringing you a community dedicated to the love of the gadgets and the gear that make your life easier. Expect full reviews on the latest watches, knives, bags, and other “every day carry” goodies – both tactical and non-tactical.

So take your hat off, hang your coat, and stick around a while. You’ll be glad ya did.