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For some reason, the battle for the cooler market fascinates me. I think the first group to build a lithium powered cooler that weighs less than 75 pounds, can hold as much as your typical tailgate cooler, and can stay cold for up to 24 hours will win…

Until then, this 12v powered cooler ain’t bad. Even has enough batter for 5 hours of usage too…


DSPTCH V-Buckle Belt


DSPTCH V-Buckle Belt

DSPTCH sent over one of these belts for me to play with. I’ve used it for a solid week now and I like it quite a bit. Essentially, it has all of the functionality and burliness of a “tactical” belt without making you look like Rambo or some shit like that.

1. Made like a brick shit house.
2. Light.
3. Subtle aesthetics
4. Set and forget length with a buckle that works gloriously
5. You can add all sorts of modular options.

1. I honestly can’t think of one… Hell, it’s even priced well.


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