Month: October 2012

Bags & Wallets

Wotancraft City Explorer 006

Another month and another camera bag… This one was hand made in Japan by a company mostly known for some pretty killer watch straps – Wotancraft. We’ve obviously reviewed a lot of camera bags on and to be frank, this is the best made bag we’ve ever had our hands on. It is that good. Enjoy the review:

To learn more about Wotancraft and to check out this and other bags they make, check them out here.



McIntosh is one of my all time favorite American companies. I have a full-on tube powered stereo that my dad bought in the 1960’s and gave me in the 1990’s – the sounds it makes are nothing short of extraordinary. And it’s so damned beautiful.

To be frank, I haven’t been the biggest fan of their modern releases. However, this McAire changes everything. Expect it to be REALLY damned expensive though.

Details here.


Nest 2.0

I’ve wanted one of these since the day the former Apple designers launched them. It’s a thermostat with a brain and good looks… And now version 2.0 is out. Next time I have a bad thermostat, I’m doing it – dammit!

Details here.