Ghurka Glove Box Kit

Got an empty glove box and $1300 to spend? Look no further bro…

Check this shit out.

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The RoguePak

So a buddy of mine is an “inventor.” Essentially, dude just sits around and thinks of shit that we all need – kind of like the dad on that movie, “Gremlins.” Only, he’s actually had some success. First, he did the AquaPodKit and now, he’s releasing the RoguePak. The RoguePak is a wearable hydration system similar to the CamelBak, but it differentiates itself by using disposable cartridges. What does that mean? No horse shit cleaning sessions with your water bladder.

Details here.

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The Black Bay One


My favorite modern watch made in the past decade is without doubt, the Tudor Black Bay. What makes this watch so great is that it features the classic good looks of a vintage sub, but is built like a real tool watch utilizing the completely maintainable ETA 2824 movement. I own one. I love it.

Last week, however, Tudor upped their game by offering the Tudor Black Bay One – a watch that was designed after their original sub in 1954. It’s a perfect watch in every way. Well, accept for one… They are actually only making one of them.

Damn you Tudor!

Details here.

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Porter Key Knife

Simple mutli-tools that are transparently carried are always the best and most used. This one ain’t half bad.

Check it out.

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God Damnit Leica…

Finally, a Leica M alternative with a reliable focus mechanism that feels as good as a rangefinder and still works with M-glass? And it’s cheap too, right? Nope and nope.



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