Smoking Deal

I don’t typically cover deals on the Gear Journal, but damn man… This one was too smoking. When the GX1 was released, it was the highest resolution Micro 4/3rds camera on the market and had a price tag to prove it. You can read a full review here. In any case, Amazon is burning them out to make room for the next generation and you can now pick up what was once a $700 camera for just $250. Get yours here. Add a tasty lense and you are set for a few years in the camera department.


Braun ET66

Probably the most important piece of industrial design in the modern era was that of the Braun ET66. It’s the most obvious example of less actually can equal more. Of course, if you wanted one you had to get on eBay and drop a few hundred… until now… Braun has just announced that they will be rereleasing the famous calculator later this year. RAD.


The Latest Ricoh GR

The Ricoh GR has been the pocket camera of choice for street photographers for years… More recently, they have become a hipster accessory, but that doesn’t mean Ricoh wasn’t taking it seriously when they decided to create the latest version. In fact, this little APS-C powered monster looks to be great on paper.

Details here.