Knives & Tools

Gerber Steady

With all of the multi-tools on the market, it’s pretty incredible that not a one includes something for camera dorks. Gerber will be changing that in 2012 with the Steady. Essentially, the Gerber Steady is your basic multi-tool with one exception – two legs hinge out to form a mini tripod. Word on the street is that this little jewel will release in 2012 at a $65 price point. Let’s hope the rest of the package is just as well thought out as the use…


Sinn 856

There is something very visceral about an automatic watch. It’s a tiny machine that sits on your wrist and uses what amounts to simple motion to power itself. Open one up and you’ll find a wonder world full of cogs, springs, and other engineering feats in miniature. There aren’t many art forms in the world that are so purely mechanical. It all calls to me in a major way.

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Bags & Wallets

Hazard 4

I’m not really much of a tactical guy, but I like looking at all of the mil-spec packs and what not offered by small companies with ingenuity. One new company that I’ve seen mentioned a lot lately on the forums and blogs of the world is Hazard 4. I know nothing about them other than what I’ve read on their site, but I figured their popularity was worth mentioning here.

Check them out.


Traser H3 P6600

I’m on one of those dorky watch forums quite often and recently, the question was asked – What’s the best watch in the world for under $300. As you might imagine, answers came from every direction and arguments developed from all sides. After over 300 posts from watch nerds across the word, the Traser H3 P6600 had the most votes.

Admittedly, I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to watches. I prefer swiss mechanicals and all of their glory, but I do have a Traser. And despite the resin case and the ultra modern mil-spec quartz movement, I have to admit that this is a proper time piece.

You can get yours here.

Other Gear

el BagPed

I work in a number of different locations and, as such, my every day bag holds and organizes a number of different items that I use daily. It’s just handy to keep all of that stuff in my bag so that I have it accessible while in the office or on the road. However, that does create a problem in that my bag needs to be easily handled and reached while in the office.

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