Bell & Ross Vintage WW2 Régulateur Heritage

Sometimes I feel like Bell & Ross tries too hard with the whole Military theme thing. They take and implement things so literally that they often find themselves in Orange County Chopper territory. That being said, I’m in love with their latest – The WW2 Régulateur. It’s has a nice vintage aircraft feel to it without being over the top. And it’s “only” six large.

Check it out.

Paper & Writing

Ecosystem Notebooks

I’ve used and loved Moleskine notebooks for years, but have always been frustrated by their lack of perforated pages. I don’t treat notebooks like some kind of art safe – I use them as tools… and so fairly often, I like to rip a page out and tack it on my bulletin board. If you do this too many times to a Moleskine, your whole damned $20 notebook falls apart. Screw that.

Enter Ecosystem notebooks. They are like Moleskines, only better. Every single page is perforated. They are available in both hard and soft cover and a number of different paper configurations. You can build your own here or buy them for fairly cheap here. You’ll never buy another Moleskine again.

Bags & Wallets

The Camera Bag

I review a lot of general purpose and camera bags here on Gear Journal. As a result, I’m always thinking about what makes the “perfect” bag. Try as might, I’ve never really been able to find one. The closest I’ve come across for my needs is the Billingham Hadley Pro line of bags. I love their nice and compact size. I love the hand made build quality. I love their simple functionality… But they look like purses… and when you got buddies like mine, you don’t even think about rolling with anything that might be mistaken for a purse. Screw that.

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