Month: September 2012


Photokina Releases

The Photokina show is the place where just about everybody releases their latest and greatest cameras. We already talked about the Fuji X-E1 last week, but there were a couple of other notable announcements as well. Namely:

Leica M – Apparently, there will be no long awaited Leica M10. Instead, we get the “M.” For the first time ever, Leica is using a CMOS sensor in their rangefinder camera that allows live view, HD video, better high ISO performance, and other stuff… Amazingly, they aren’t charging $10,000 for it. In fact, they are only asking about $7000 for the new M. I’d probably own one if I had the dough…

Leica M-E – Essentially, this is just the old Leica M9 with some minor changes and an extreme price break. $5,500 gets you in the game. If I had the dough, I would DEFINITELY own this one.

Sony RX1 – To me, this is the biggest and best surprise of Photokina. Sony has built a jacket-pocket sized FULL FRAME camera with a dedicated Zeiss lens. Typically, I’m not a Sony man as their cameras feel more like computers than cameras to me… BUT, this one is pretty amazing and promises to change many a landscape. Around $3000.


Fujifilm X-E1

As a user and lover of the Fuji X-Pro 1, I find this new X-E1 a bit intriguing. For one, it’s about $700 less than an X-Pro 1 and while it lacks the gorgeous hybrid viewfinder, it does feature an electronic viewfinder that is reportedly as good as the unit found in the Sony Nex 7. I’m starting to wonder if I “adopted” a bit too early…

In any case, details of this new wonder here.