Month: May 2012

Other Gear

Warby Parker

A while back, I went to get my driver’s license renewed and failed the eye exam. So, I took my handicapped self to the eye doctor and they confirmed it – I can’t see worth a shit anymore. Armed with a prescription, I browsed the frames in the store attached to the doctor’s office. Taken aback by the pricing, I drove home on my expired license and began an internet search for a cheaper alternative.

Warby Parker rules. Check them out.


New Leica Crap…

A big day at Leica yesterday… The famous German camera maker announced the new Leica M Monochrom ($8,000), the new X2 ($2000), and the new 50mm Summicron ASPH ($7200) along with a whole host of typical and tasteless special editions. As a diehard Leica fan, I find myself incredibly disappointed. It seems as though Leica is quickly becoming more and more focused on fashion and upscale retail rather than art and photography. It’s a shame…

In any case, you can get details on the new products here.

Other Gear


Let’s get this out of the way first. Fifty-bones is too damned expensive for a key chain bottle popper. Even so, I love the design aesthetic and the work behind the limited edition “Respect” bottle opener. In fact, I like a lot of things about the maker of this little jewel.

Details here.

Bags & Wallets

The Think Tank Retrospective 20

I love photography. I’m not all that great at it, but I love it. What I don’t dig on is carrying around a camera. For years, I lugged around a Nikon DSLR plus lenses for work and grew to loathe the logistics of taking pictures. And then, compact cameras started to get really capable. Before I knew it, I had gotten rid of all my DSLR cameras and moved into mirrorless cameras like the Leica M8 and then the new Fuji X-Pro 1. Both are compact and both take incredible images. In fact, I doubt I’ll ever own an SLR again. I’ve, quite literally, seen the light.

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