Month: February 2011

Bags & Wallets

The William Wallet

The William Wallet is all the rage right now with internet hipsters. Basically, it’s two pieces of powder coated aluminum tied together with some poly cord. Typically, I would write off a wallet such as this… But it’s being offered by Wintercheck and I love lots of stuff they do. So, who knows?

Risk your $30 here.

Knives & Tools

The Gerber Fit

Gerber hasn’t brought out a new multi-tool in a while. Judging their latest, the Fit, I would guess that they’ve been busy in the R&D department. The fit is a small smooth package with modern flair that includes: Tweezers, Bottle Opener, Micro Cross Driver, Micro Flat Head Driver, Scissors, 25 Lumen L.E.D. Flashlight, Fine Edge & Serrated Blade, and interchangeable large phillips and flat head screw drivers.

You can check out the details here.