Month: July 2009


Kodak Zi8


Thus far, I’ve done all of the video reviews on The Gear Journal using the famously fabulous Flip Mino HD camera. It’s a tiny little device that takes incredible HD footage. Hack yours with a wide angle lens and it is nothing short of amazing. All that said, Kodak just released yet another mini HD camera that touts some very impressive specs. How about flip-beating 1080p video, built in electronic image stabilization, 5 megapixels, and an external mic jack? Hard to beat… I see one in my future. So long as it is similar in size to the Mino HD, it will be great for EDC. Check it out.

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Spec-Ops T.H.E. Pack

spec-ops t.h.e. pack

I’m a bag whore. I have bags for just about every occasion. Going on a two day trip through the air? Got it covered. Going on a four day trip on the ground? No sweat. Back and forth from work? I got a bag for that too…

Of course, the only problem with this is that I end up jockeying a lot of gear between the bags depending on what I have planned. Inevitably, I forget to move something or other to the “bag of the day” and find myself living without. For a gear guy, that sucks.

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Knives & Tools

Emerson Mini CQC-7

emerson mini cqc-7

Emerson Knives was really one of the companies that started the tactical folder movement and the Emerson CQC (Close Quarter Combat)-7 was one of the first and most successful folders to be marketed as a defense/tactical weapon. As great as the CQC-7 is, I never carried one because I didn’t care for the size of the knife. To me, a folder will always be more of a tool and not so much of a weapon… But, the functionality and utter indestructibility of the Emerson always appealed to me.

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Bags & Wallets

High-Speed, Low-Drag


Triple Threat Tactical is ran by a guy named Jim Rosario… and that’s about all I know about the bag featured below. Jim posts occasionally on some of the more covert forums covering tactical gear and is known to be a pretty talented guy, but his site is under construction and the rest of the business is pretty much shrouded in mystery. Word on the street is that the “High-Speed, Low-Drag” bag will sell for around $499. Expensive? Yes. Cool? Yes.

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