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The Tudor North Flag

Basel World is this week… Essentially Basel World a big ass watch show where all the big wigs release their new offerings. Probably the most interesting announcement thus far is that Tudor released the North Flag. It’s a tool watch that has a modern Explorer vibe to it.

OK, so what’s so interesting about that? For the first time ever, Tudor has released their own in-house movement.

This is huge.

Check it out.

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Sky Prowler

Just watch the above video… It starts dry enough, but the automated capabilities of this thing are insane.

Details here.

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The Pocket Wrench

The perfect pocket wrench… small, compact, and capable of attacking just about any sized fastener. It’s just a brilliant idea from Chestnut Tools.

Check it out.

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The Breitling Chronoliner

I get the feeling that Breitling is trying really hard to get back to their roots and away from the 46mm hip-hop watches they’ve become known for the last decade or so… This Chronoliner is a pretty damned good start, but it’s still a tad on the large size.

Details here.

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