Leica M Monochrom Typ 246

If you are a Leica guy, you are familiar with the Leica Monochrom – Leica’s digital camera that shoots Black & White only. Surprising a lot of folks, Leica introduced a new version of the Monochrom yesterday based off  a more modern 24mp CMOS sensor. I shot with the old version a few times and was really impressed, but it will be interesting to see if the CMOS sensor can keep the same feel and contrast of the older camera.

In any regard, Leica should have removed the sapphire protected LCD on the back of the camera entirely, added a physical ISO button, and called it done. I mean damn… This thing shoot black and white images only – why not strip it down to the bare essentials?

If you’ve got $7,500 to blow, you can do so here.

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Autopoint Mechanical Pencils

Need a mechanical pencil? For reasons that aren’t rational, I don’t just about every thing there is to know about mechanical pencils… and the best for typical daily use is the Autopilot. No doubt. Get yours here.

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This is every a multi-tool should be – unobtrusive and usable. Pretty simple.

Dig this.

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Amazon Dash Button

This shit is crazy. No really…


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The Tudor North Flag

Basel World is this week… Essentially Basel World a big ass watch show where all the big wigs release their new offerings. Probably the most interesting announcement thus far is that Tudor released the North Flag. It’s a tool watch that has a modern Explorer vibe to it.

OK, so what’s so interesting about that? For the first time ever, Tudor has released their own in-house movement.

This is huge.

Check it out.

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