Pocket Tool Keychain Wrench

The holy grail of key chain tools is a simple wrench of variable sizes. No one has really done it yet… But these guys have taken an interesting approach – the only fault being leverage. Pretty cool.

Check it out.

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Techart PRO AF Leica M Lens Adapter

Warning: Camera geek stuff here… If the above proves to be true, everything just changed. EVERYTHING.

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Titanium Pocket Tool

I love shit like this…

Details here.

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Kodak Super 8

This makes me really happy. Why? I dunno…

But, check it out.

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Fuji X-Pro2

A couple of years ago, Fuji introduced the X-Pro I. It was a camera that changed the industry and one that many still use religiously today. I owned one and loved it… Finally, Fuji has released a sequel.

It will be a good one. Promise.


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