Leather Tool Box

I don’t have a clue as to why someone would need or even want a hand tooled and leather tool box. That said, it’s pretty damned hard to deny the beauty of it. And there must be a market, because this all american made luxury item for the hipster sold out FAST.

Details here.

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G-Shock GB6900AA-5


I’m actually a pretty big fan of G-Shock watches – the cheaper the better. While they make a lot of “whizz bang” watches, I’m more into their classic lines that simply tell time without cluttering anything else up. That being said, this new bluetooth watch has some potential.

Check out the details.

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Douk-Douk Chromatique

The legendary French pocket knife is now available in fashionable color ways. Suits them, huh? And ironically, they are only available in America from Best Made Company.

Check it out.

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A better split ring… Pretty damned smart, huh?

Check it out.

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DIY Cell Phone

This shit is crazy… A cell phone that you build yourself. Check it out.

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