DIY Pocket Driver

This is pretty damned brilliant… I wanna make one.

Check it out.

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The Leica T

Leica has finally released what many consider to be a “mini” Leica M. Only it’s not an M at all. Instead, it’s an interchangeable lens APS-C camera. Just from the numbers, I don’t see a whole lot here that is special, but you can probably count on the great feel and great ergonomics that Leica is known for. To me, the biggest surprise here is the price – just under $2k. For a Leica, that’s cheap as hell.

Review here.

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Vintage Military Watches

I love me some vintage military watches… And Gear Patrol just published a neat little round up of some of the most iconic. If watches or just vintage mil stuff is your thing, but you don’t have the basics down, go here.

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The 72 Hour Briefcase

So Filson has a new bag out. It rules. It’s also very expensive, but it will last you a lifetime – guaranteed.

Check it out.

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Bruns Acoustics

If I had $900 laying around, I’d totally buy one of these things… Essentially, it’s an analog bluetooth speaker with a pretty good look.

Check it out.

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