The Tiny Monster TM06

The world’s smallest 3800 lumen torch. And it’s only $200. I say “only” because… well, have you seen what high end flashlights go for these days? My god.

Anyway, check it out here.

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Marshall Stanmore

I’ve been looking for a simple bluetooth speaker… Something without a battery and big enough to provide real sound rather than mouse squeaks. Marshall heard about my needs and sent over one of their Stanmore speakers for me to test out. I immediately sent it back to them and ordered one of my own. It’s the perfect shop speaker – sounds huge, has a smallish footprint, and is as simple as a bluetooth speaker can be.

The damn thing costs $400, but honestly – it’s worth every bit of that. Buy yours from Amazon and if it doesn’t meet your expectations, just return it.

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A Smarter Watch

I am not a smart watch guy… I just like mechanical stuff too much to appreciate something so stale and digital replacing something that is so personal. BUT, I can dig on the idea of a smart watch. Sort of. And that’s where this Kairos T-Band comes in… Keep your sacred mechanical watch and just add a smart band.

Check it out.

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BeoPlay A2

Bluetooth speakers are the shit if you are into driving traditional hot rods but still want some tunes every now and then… And if you really like sounds and have some dough to blow, nothing beats the new BeoPlay A2. I actually had a listen this week and… By god this thing is good.

More details here.

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The Night Cable


Forty bucks for an iPhone cable is kind of bullshit… But man, these are cool looking… I love me some cloth covered cord.

Check it out.

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