Leica M Edition 60

Leica finally made my dream digital camera. With it, you have manual controls for shutter speed, aperture, and ISO – nothing else. There isn’t even a LCD screen. It’s perfect. Only problem? It’s also something like $13,000. Damnit!

Details here.

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I detest OEM tire pressure monitoring systems. The batteries in the sensors go out often and each time means a trip to the tire store to get your tires unmounted the sensors replaced. Total pain in the ass… This idea, however, ain’t a bad idea.

More info here.

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The MB&F MusicMachine

I know, I know… This thing is ridiculous… It serves no purpose and has no practicality what-so-ever. However, from a pure mechanical standpoint this is absolutely AMAZING. And hey, if you’ve got an extra $25k sitting around you could let it collect dust on your bookshelf.


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Kilimanjaro Ascend

Need a multi-tool that can pass through the gates of the mighty TSA? No sweat… Get your ass one of these!

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I wouldn’t cut a brick shit house in half or get in a street fight with one (they are made by the French), but dammit man – these new Deejo knives are pretty gorgeous… Super light too… And you can even “build your own” on their fancy web site starting at $40.

Check it out.

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