The New Boosted Board

The new Boosted Board is out… And now has interchangeable batteries.

Details here.

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The GoPro Stabylizr

There are lots of stabilizers and gimbals on the market for GoPros… Two things make this one a bit different:

  1. It’s completely mechanical – no batteries needed.
  2. Because of that, it’s water proof. Interesting.

Anyway, details here.

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Mini Q Knife

Taking the Swiss Army Knife mod to the next level…

This is pretty good.

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Anker PowerHouse

This thing is pretty rad… It’s a tiny little box that holds power so that you can run your shit just about anywhere.


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The Phantom 4

I’ve been resisting the urge to invest in a drone for my work. With the introduction of the Phantom 4, I don’t think I will be able to resist much longer. The feature set of this thing is insane for the $1400 price point.

Details here.

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