Screwpop Utility Knife

Again… Simple. Effective. Affordable. This is an EDC key fob.

Check it.

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Lomo’Instant Montenegro

Insta cameras are just fun… But, typically they are made like toys. This one isn’t. Of course, it’s also $180.

Dig it.

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The simplicity of this is gorgeous and smart…

Check it out.

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Ghurka Glove Box Kit

Got an empty glove box and $1300 to spend? Look no further bro…

Check this shit out.

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The RoguePak

So a buddy of mine is an “inventor.” Essentially, dude just sits around and thinks of shit that we all need – kind of like the dad on that movie, “Gremlins.” Only, he’s actually had some success. First, he did theĀ AquaPodKit and now, he’s releasing the RoguePak. The RoguePak is a wearable hydration system similar to the CamelBak, but it differentiates itself by using disposable cartridges. What does that mean? No horse shit cleaning sessions with your water bladder.

Details here.

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