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The Black Bay One


My favorite modern watch made in the past decade is without doubt, the Tudor Black Bay. What makes this watch so great is that it features the classic good looks of a vintage sub, but is built like a real tool watch utilizing the completely maintainable ETA 2824 movement. I own one. I love it.

Last week, however, Tudor upped their game by offering the Tudor Black Bay One – a watch that was designed after their original sub in 1954. It’s a perfect watch in every way. Well, accept for one… They are actually only making one of them.

Damn you Tudor!

Details here.


The Tudor North Flag

Basel World is this week… Essentially Basel World a big ass watch show where all the big wigs release their new offerings. Probably the most interesting announcement thus far is that Tudor released the North Flag. It’s a tool watch that has a modern Explorer vibe to it.

OK, so what’s so interesting about that? For the first time ever, Tudor has released their own in-house movement.

This is huge.

Check it out.


A Smarter Watch

I am not a smart watch guy… I just like mechanical stuff too much to appreciate something so stale and digital replacing something that is so personal. BUT, I can dig on the idea of a smart watch. Sort of. And that’s where this Kairos T-Band comes in… Keep your sacred mechanical watch and just add a smart band.

Check it out.


Heuer Camaro

Feast your eyes on the above… That’s a Heuer Camaro – a manual wind Chronograph made between 1967 and 1972 or so. Heuer Camaros are special in their own right, but what makes this watch so damned cool is the “Champion” logo featured on the dial. No one really knows why Heuer produced the watch with the Champion logo, but they have become very collectable. In fact, the watch pictured went for around $3700 on eBay…

My guess? Top execs at Champion were given one hell of a Christmas bonus.

Either way, I want one.