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Olympus Stylus Tough

So this one just dropped… Apparently, this new Olympus compact is tough as nails. The 14 megapixel camera features a decent zoom lens (5x optical), image stabilization, 720p HD video, and an HDMI out. And it’s protected by a case that provides water proofing to 33 feet, shock proofing to 6.6 feet, crush proofing to 220 pounds, and is freeze proof to 14-degrees. That’s a lot of damn proofing for around 300 bones.

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The Anti Glass Back

Another day, another solution to protect your iPhone 4. Unplggd went on and found a metal back for the iPhone 4 manufactured by an OEM cell phone parts supplier in Hong Kong. The result is an iPhone that is still sleek and “Apple like,” but devoid of a fragile glass back. You can follow their mod here.


Hot Rod iPhone Covers

So, it’s no secret that I’m into hot rods… It’s a world surrounded by an amazing amount of talent and one of the players, Karas Kustoms, has recently decided to do a series of iPhone covers. My favorite is made out of two machined aluminum plates that are spaced with delrin and sandwich the phone using simple button head hardware. It’s a brilliantly simple design that not only protects your phone, but also helps with the famous “dropped call” problem that have made the iPhone 4 famous.

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The Sprocket Rocket

This is pretty rad… Essentially, it’s one of those cheap and plastic vintage style cameras that accepts 35mm film. Only this camera exposes your film in a panoramic length. Just as cool, the “shutter opening” is so large that even the sprocket holes on your film are exposed. Hence, the name…

You can get yours for $89.


HyperMac External Batteries

HyperMac batteries rule. Essentially, they are an external solution for extra battery life with iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Let’s say you are on the road and your MacBook is running low on juice. Plug in a HyperMac Battery and get up to 28 additional hours of usage. Or lets say you are vending at an event and want to take credit cards with your 3G iPad. No sweat, there is a battery for that.

Rad, right? Well, there is an issue… Apple is making HyperMac cease production. We all have until November 2nd to get our batteries before they are no more.

Details here.


Boom Boxes

This is rad. Some dude has been taking vintage suitcases and wiring up sound systems inside. He provides a 3.5mm input for connecting just about any source, built-in amps, and a rechargeable battery that pounds for up to 8 hours. A bit silly, yes… But I totally dig it.

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The Glif: iPhone Tripod Mount & Stand

This is brilliant on so many levels. Essentially, Kickstarter is a site that allows you to post an idea for a project and then get funding to see it though. It’s funded by schmoes like you and me that browse the site and then kick in a little dough if we see something we would like to see in production. This iPhone accessory is a perfect example.

The Glif is a combo tool that works itself into an iPhone 4 stand and tripod mount. It’s totally bitchin…

Check out the details here.

In any case, the Glif needed $10,000 to move into production and to date they’ve already pulled in over $75,000. So, it looks like this one is happening.